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Nolvadex reduces a risk of the formation of cancer and also neoplasms because of the excessive action of estrogens to the organs and cells.



When it comes to the most popular selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), which is commonly also known as an anti-estrogen, Nolvadex is one of the most potent and effective choices for those looking to use a SERM while building muscle and improving their overall body strength. While Nolvadex is an estrogen antagonist, it also functions as an agonist, which means that it works in the same way as estrogen does in various parts of the body, while possessing anti-estrogenic functions in other parts, such as breast tissue. Nolvadex is one of the oldest and most popular selective estrogen receptor modulators on the market that is still commonly used as a medicine.

Nolvadex is often used by those individuals using anabolic steroids, however, it is important to remember that it is not an anabolic steroid itself, which can confuse many people as it is used as part of a steroid cycle.


Nolvadex Effects in Tissues

The most notable effects of Nolvadex pertain to breast cancer patients, and these are simple in their actions. It is able to effectively block the estrogen hormone from being able to attach, which means that the cancer is deprived of the fuel that it needs to survive. While it is effective, it is not always the first choice of treatment nor the only compound available. AIs (aromatase inhibitors) are typically used at the start of treatment due to their serum estrogen level reducing abilities. Over time, treatment then switches from aromatase Inhibitors to selective estrogen receptor modulators, such as Nolvadex period for prevention, it is often prescribed to those who have a history of breast cancer throughout their family.

For those who use anabolic steroids, Nolvadex as part of a cycle can help prevent gynecomastia. It is not being shown to have particularly beneficial effects with helping to prevent other primary estrogenic effects, such as water retention, but the individual can control this by using different methods. Its ability to be able to prevent the development of gynecomastia means that it is the ideal first choice for those men who are using anabolic steroids. If it is not available, and aromatase inhibitor will need to be used, such as Anastrozole or Letrozole. AIs do have the potential to adversely affect cholesterol levels. When used alone, they do not possess many adverse side effects, but when used in combination with an amortizing steroid, the risk increases 10-fold.

The last effect that Nolvadex provides is the one that the majority of anabolic steroid users find to be the most important. As anabolic steroids will inhibit the production of natural testosterone, kick-starting production after completing a cycle is important. If the individual does not suffer from low testosterone condition and no damage occurred to the hpta (hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis) then the natural production of testosterone should occur over a period of months up to a year. This is why a post Cycle Therapy plan is important, and one that includes Nolvadex can help to stimulate testosterone production at a quicker rate. This not only helps the body’s hormone levels to return to normal but also helps to protect and maintain the physique and speed up the recovery process.

As low testosterone production can result in the loss of muscle mass, a PCT plan is absolutely vital and Nolvadex proves to be worth its weight in gold. Plenty of performance enhancing athletes turn their nose up at PCT plans, and if you are only coming off of a cycle for a period of 5 to 6 weeks, then there is no real need to utilize a PCT plan. This is a typical scenario among those who are part of bodybuilding circles, but for the majority of people using anabolic steroids, they are not particularly feasible. This is because the normal anabolic steroid user will have a prolonged period of time off of a cycle, and for the best health and wellness, this is the way to go.


Nolvadex Side Effects

As with all selective estrogen receptor modulators, side effects from Nolvadex are always a possibility. However, it is one of the best-rated SERMs available for both women and men. Of course, side effects could well occur, this remains a rare occurrence. Side effects are most likely to affect women than men, but they still remain a limited possibility. Some of the more common side effects associated with Nolvadex include:

  • Headaches
  • Hot flashes
  • Itching, discharge, or bleeding from the vagina
  • Stomach upset
  • Other side effects associated with Nolvadex use that are much rarer than the above-noted effects include:
  • A reduction of the white blood cell count
  • An increase in the triglyceride levels
  • Rashes over the skin
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Endometrial changes

The above-noted side effects are about all of the ones that can be experienced. While some of them may seem less than ideal, it is important to remember that they are exceedingly rare. It should be mentioned that those women who are trying to become pregnant or are already pregnant should avoid Nolvadex use as it could cause damage to the child in uteri.


Administration of Nolvadex


When looking at Nolvadex for use as a treatment for breast cancer, there are 6 different plans that can consist of female and male treatment. The average dose will typically range from 10 to 20 mg twice a day. It is normal for the initial dose to consist of a 40 mg administration. It is fairly common for the individual to continue dosing with 10 to 20 mg each day indefinitely after all traces of cancer has been eradicated.

As a treatment option for anabolic steroid users looking at preventing estrogenic side effects, the standard dose is 10 to 20 mg each day. If 20 is not able to provide protection from gynecomastia, then the use of an aromatase inhibitor will be required. This is also true if at this dose, however, water retention can typically be prevented with good diet practices.

When conducting a Post Cycle Therapy plan, the average dose of Nolvadex will typically start at 40 mg each day. This will be continued for several weeks before the amount is reduced to 20 mg each day for another few weeks, and finally reduced down to 10 mg each day. The way in which your cycle ends will play a large role in when Nolvadex will be used.

If you are using HCG, then the timings will be slightly different as listed below.

HCG will begin 10 days after the final injection when using an anabolic steroid with a large Ester base, and Nolvadex will begin after the HCG plan finishes.

HCG will begin 3 days after the final injection when using an anabolic steroid with a small Ester base, and Nolvadex will begin after the HCG plan finishes.



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